At St. Rita, we are committed to teaching our students how to use technology effectively, responsibly and ethically. We operate a 1:1 iPad program for all students. In our 1:1 program, it is important to remember that the iPad is a tool, not a goal. It provides opportunities for learning that were previously unimaginable. The student is an active participant in the responsible use of all technology.


    $329* iPad 64GB Wi-Fi Only

    $99* AppleCare+ or a comparable protection package is encouraged.

    A case that protects the front, back and corner edges of the iPad is required.


    All student iPads must have a minimum of 64 GB and be able to run iOS 14. If purchasing an iPad, you should purchase the device above or better. If you have an iPad that meets the storage requirements which can be used exclusively by your son for school, you may use that iPad. If you choose to use an iPad with less than 64 GB of storage, you may risk not being able to download textbooks and apps or send work through normal electronic channels.

    * Prices noted above are as of May 2022 & subject to change